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Andiamo offers two different chatbots depending on your needs.

Andiamo and its two differents chatbots

BIM-VDC Assistant

Can help managing Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design and Construction processes or answer questions about Revit regarding crashes, troubleshooting, modeling and more.

Standards Assistant

Will provide guidance and information on various standards and regulations based on files that are uploaded. Andiamo can read .pdf, .docx, .json, .xml, and .csv files.

Using the Standards Assistant

  • File Format Compatibility: Verify which file formats (.pdf, .docx, .json, .xml, .csv) the Standards Assistant can process. Use compatible formats for best results.

  • Precise Inquiry Construction: Frame your questions or inquiries with specific details, such as the exact standard or regulation number, to receive more accurate information.

  • Regular Update Checks: Regularly check for updates on new standards and regulations added to the assistant’s database to ensure you are receiving the most current information.

  • Customization and Context: Provide context where necessary. For instance, mention your industry or specific application when asking about a standard to get more relevant guidance.

Using the BIM-VDC Assistant

  • Revit Specific Queries: When asking about Revit issues, include details like the version you’re using, the specific problem (e.g., crash, modeling issue), and any error messages.

  • Modeling Tips and Best Practices: Request best practices or tips for efficient modeling and ask for examples or templates if available.

  • Troubleshooting Guidance: Clearly describe any issues you're facing. Include steps you’ve already taken to resolve the issue, so the assistant can provide more targeted advice.


  • How to questions about BIM/VDC tools.

Andiamo example
  • Andiamo offers step-by-step guidance, remembering all chat interactions for seamless, continuous conversations.

Andiamo Example
  • Interpret and comprehend PDF and Word documents and ask how to questions

Andiamo interpret documents
The document that andiamo studied
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