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Empowering AECO Professionals with
Next-Generation AI Integration and Visualization Tools.

Revolutionize Your Design and Management with Artificial Intelligence


Why our AI APPS?

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Both apps simplify complex tasks, making advanced BIM/VDC functions accessible to all skill levels.


Total Integration

Seamless syncing with Revit for uninterrupted management and design

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Cut down project design and management time from days to minutes.

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English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French.

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Choose your best plan!

Know our All-in-One Apps


Instant insights, Amplify your BIM/VDC management and production with Andiamo's AI-powered magic. Let curiosity lead the way as you dive into a realm of effortless guidance and greater efficiency.

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Step into a new era of design possibilities. MIRAR's AI redefines how you explore concepts and bring visions to life. Accelerate exploration, ignite creativity, and unveil stunning renders with a single click. Design isn't just about creation; it's about reimagining what's possible.​

4 Steps to Success using our Apps

Simple Setup

We provide smart solutions for monitoring assets, managing energy, and developing digital twin platforms through the use of digital twins, asset digitization, and API integration.

Sign up and set your preferences in just a few clicks for a quick start.


and Manage

Integrate your data and start managing your projects with Andiamo, while intuitively exploring designs with Mirar. ​

Our data dashboards, BIM data analytics, and custom application development help stakeholders gain useful information and build platforms.


Collaborate and Share

Our strategic services are designed to help with digital transformation and long-term planning. We use various analyses like SWOT, GAP, and ROI/KPI analysis.

Collaborate with your team in real-time and share your progress with collaborators.


Ready to go

See how our AI tools and visualization features, created specifically for architecture and design, can enhance your project management and design workflows.

Revolutionize and transform your business with cutting-edge technology.


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