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The Object Visualizer is a tool that isolates and emphasizes certain parts of the model to assist with visual analysis of the project and document view preparation. You can create views isolating category elements, apply filters to category elements, or create overrides for them. The Object Visualizer enhances the visual analysis of the project by creating tailored isolation mechanisms that strengthen the user's grasp of a set of elements in the model.

NOTE: The "Object Visualizer" works along with the 4D Simulation tool. The 4D Simulation tool inserts constructive data into the model elements, and the "Object Visualizer" leverages this data to isolate the objects.

Use Cases

  • Element Visualization: Quickly visualize specific elements, such as floors, windows, or walls, in the model.

  • Host Level Visualization: Helps new users easily visualize the host level of the elements they've modeled.

  • Detailed Analysis: Allows engineers to obtain a powerful distinction of the model elements by level, construction date, or another shared parameter.

  • **Category Isolation**: Enables constructors to immediately isolate and visualize elements of a specific constructive category in the model.

Key Features

  • Simple Activation: Activate, select the category, select the parameter, and done! Your visualization is ready.

  • Visualization Options: Choose between views, filters, or overrides to visualize your model.

Create Views Isolating Category

Apply Filters

Apply Overrides


  • Shared Parameters: Add a shared parameter to a category to isolate elements by its value.

  • Group Elements: Group elements and isolate sets of elements by values in the shared parameters you choose.

  • Parameter Selection: Choose any shared parameters you want to execute this tool.

  • Prepare Views: Prepare views by creating overrides and isolating elements.

  • Add Filters: Add filters to elements by category.

  • Distinguish Elements: Distinguish category elements by parameter common values.

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