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The Object Quantifier tool allows immediate quantification of the number of instances of a category across specified levels. This tool works in conjunction with the 4D Simulation tool to utilize the constructive data added to the model elements.

NOTE: The "Object Quantifier" works along with the 4D Simulation tool. The 4D Simulation tool inserts constructive data in the elements of the model, and the "Object Quantifier" takes advantage of this to quantify the objects.

Use Cases

  • Rapid Quantification: Quickly determine the number of specific elements, such as windows, in multiple levels of a model.

  • Efficient Engineering Analysis: Allows engineers to rapidly quantify elements in any level or set of levels.

  • Supply Verification: Helps constructors verify the quantities of elements in the model against the supply on site.

Key Features

  • Simple Filters: Only two filters: Category and levels.

1. Object Quantifier Search-01.png
  • User-Friendly Interface: The tool provides categories and levels; no need to remember them.

Quantify by Category

  • Element Retrieval: Gets all elements of a selected category.

  • Grouping and Filtering: Easily group and filter elements.

Custom Level Quantity

  • Flexible Quantification: Quantify in one level, three levels, all but one, or all levels.

  • Easy Selection: The tool identifies all levels and creates a UI for easy selection.

  • Specific Quantities: Provides quantities for specified levels only.

  • Immediate Visualization: Instantly see the quantity of elements.

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