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Tech Snack: Better tech skills in 3 mins

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Who's tired of attending attending 1-hour webinars?

Who's tired of endless video conference sessions?

At Avant Leap we are constantly looking for ways to build up technology skills and knowledge of our colleagues from the AECO industry like yourself. What we noticed is that even though there are an abundance of 1-hour webinars out there, many people are pretty burnt out at this point by all the webinars, live-streams and video conference sessions out there.

In response, we decided to create a series of short videos. These videos are meant to be consumed on-the-go, in between tasks, etc. In other words, they are designed to be "Tech Snacks" that will give a boost to your tech skills.

All videos are under 3 minutes long, completely captioned, and all sample files including annotated Grasshopper scripts are made available for free on our GitHub page!

To kick this series off, we will be focusing on Rhino-Inside, an extremely exciting development on Rhino-Revit interoperability. We hope that these Tech Snacks will be helpful for you to take your Rhino-Revit skills to the next level!

These videos are now being published on our LinkedIn page weekly! Check them out!

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