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Gulf Mall


United Arab Emirates


Radman Design Group

Square Footage:

1.2 million

Our Role

Developed BIM models for production deliverables, real-visualization and coordination

Technologies Used:

Revit Architecture, 3ds Max and Navisworks

Guidance | Oversight

Avant Leap was responsible of establishing the BIM protocols on the project from developing the execution plan to providing QA/QC of the Architectural and Structural trade models.

The Right Resources

A team of architectural and structural resources supported the project from schematic through construction documentation along with a Project BIM manager to setup and manage the BIM process.

Quality Assured

Avant Leap’s comprehensive team of seasoned Middle East based architects, engineers and BIM managers reviewed the project consistently. This multi-disciplinary approach significantly reduced errors and assured the high quality of the deliverables.


“Our collaborations with Avant Leap have not just given us a solution to amplify our firm’s production gaps for a short period of time but its literally like hiring a full-service studio for design and production of Architecture.

That comprehensive feeling that your project work product is being produced and reviewed, by trained architects with real-time experience is the truly remarkable aspect of Avant Leap”

- Ziad Khan, President
Langdon Wilson international
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