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LOCATION:                                     -
CLIENT:                                           WHY Architects
BUDGET:                                         Confidential
In this case study, we examine how Avant Leap leveraged Andiamo, running on Revit, to address the challenges faced by WHY Architects, an architectural and art gallery design studio with offices across Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo. The studio, which works closely with art galleries, museums, and foundations, sought to improve internal alignment on project-specific standards and requirements, a process that was significantly time-consuming for managers, especially when integrating new team members.
WHY Architects is recognized for its innovative designs and collaborations with major art institutions globally. Their challenge was the efficient onboarding of project teams due to diverse project requirements and standards, which made internal consistency and quick access to information difficult.
The main challenge for WHY Architects was the time and effort required to onboard teams to new projects, align them with project-specific standards, and ensure efficient communication within the teams. This issue was exacerbated when adding new members, as it consumed valuable management time and resources.
Avant Leap proposed the use of Andiamo integrated with Revit as a solution. Andiamo's capability to read and index documents in various formats, such as PDF, XLS, DOC, etc., enabled team members to query standard documents or guidelines directly and receive immediate answers from the relevant document. This solution aimed to streamline the information sharing process, making it more efficient and reducing the time managers spent addressing minor issues and requirements.
Implementing Andiamo as a central information resource proved to be a significant time-saver for WHY Architects. By acting as a basic troubleshooter for questions about standards and guidelines, Andiamo made the process much more efficient compared to traditional communication methods. The tool ensured that answers were always readily available, eliminating waiting times for responses and thereby enhancing overall productivity.
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