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Case Studies

Fast-Tracking BIM with Andiamo

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LOCATION:                                     Los Angeles, New York,
                                                          and Tokyo.

CLIENT:                                           WHY Architects
BUDGET:                                         Confidential
Andiamo, seamlessly integrated into the Revit environment, was pivotal for WHY Architects, an architectural and art gallery design studio with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo. The challenge was to develop BIM Standard Documents and Template Usage Guides that WHY Architects could clearly follow. Thanks to Andiamo, Avant Leap was able to present between 3 and 5 draft alternatives to the client in the time it would traditionally take to manually produce just a couple of them.
WHY Architects works closely with art galleries, museums, and foundations. The need for standardization and efficiency in their internal processes led them to seek an innovative solution that could maintain their quality and precision across global projects.
The organization faced challenges in the clarity and application of the BIM Standards they required. The lack of a standardized process resulted in inefficiencies and delays in preparing the necessary documents for their projects.
Avant Leap utilized Andiamo to generate multiple draft alternatives based on detailed descriptions of WHY Architects' needs. This approach allowed for an effective selection and combination of the most suitable components into a unified document. Andiamo facilitated this process by acting as a chatbot trained in BIM and AECO matters, capable of connecting to the internet for deep data retrieval and reading and indexing documents in various formats.
The use of Andiamo resulted in significant time savings, allowing for the development of 3 to 5 draft alternatives in the time it would traditionally take to manually produce just a couple. This efficiency translated into a better capability to reuse existing data and search for specific information within documents, significantly improving the standard and template development process for WHY Architects.
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