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The million dollar question

"Should I hire a partner consultant ?"

This is perhaps one of the most common questions we get (and it is a great question!). For your convenience, here’s a 5-second elevator pitch, a comparison chart and some numbers for you to consider.

The short of it

Hiring a partner consultant gives the client unparalleled flexibility, significant cost savings, better access, preservation and transfer of knowledge, and achieve better results.


Ramp up and down resources easily based on client’s needs and 
project workload


No need to worry about overhead, benefits such as health insurance, PTO and other expenses


Instant access to a network of subject matter experts. Hyper-intentional about preservation and 
transfer of knowledge


Targeted strategy focusing on addressing short and long-term needs, prioritizing on the areas with highest impact to productivity of the firm

Avant Leap

Complete tasks much faster because we are not bogged down by various secondary responsibilities in a firm

Client gains instant access to a wide network of subject matter experts from different disciplines from the consultancy

Emphasis on the continuity and preservation of internal knowledge due to our clear goal to empower staff members and build company self-reliance

Flexible start and end dates, easily ramp up and down efforts based on client’s needs and project workload. Less to worry from a staffing perspective

Clear idea of associated cost and minimized risk of cost overrun. Average 30 - 50% cost savings compared to hiring a full-time BIM Manager


Often distracted by other responsibilities, such as project production requests and secondary responsibilities such as resolving IT issues

Knowledge limited to the BIM manager and his / her prior experiences and field of expertise

Risk of knowledge residing in only one person or the occurrence of “tribal knowledge” where knowledge is scattered over a few power users

Difficult to adjust staffing quickly due to associated time and cost to hire additional help, or negative impact on morale from reducing staff

Higher cost due to on-boarding time and costs, overhead such as payroll taxes, insurance, PTO, 401K, etc

Have questions?

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