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Facing conflicts in coordinating models in your working file?

Introducing Clash Detection - Transform your project management with our intuitive tool.

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Effortlessly detect, visualize, and manage clashes in your Revit model with:


Streamline your workflow with our clash detection tool, identifying and resolving collisions to keep your projects on track.

 What is Clash Detection App? 

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  • Request analysis: Choose specific categories and instantly visualize problem areas. 

  • Immediate visualization: See exactly where issues are in your model.

  • Quantify clashes: Know the extent of your clashes to prioritize solutions.

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  • Indicate solutions: Mark and track resolved clashes to maintain progress.

  • Flexible resolution: Solve individual clashes or groups as needed.

  • Progress tracking: Monitor your clash resolution journey. 

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  • Simplify management: Merge related clashes with ease.

  • Customizable merging: Combine multiple clashes for better clarity.

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  • Clear clutter: Remove unnecessary clashes to refresh your model. 

  • Clean slate: Start anew with a clash-free project environment. 

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Empower your team with Clash Detection. Improve coordination, reduce site issues, and keep your Revit model pristine.

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AI-Powered Clash Detection:

Use intelligent analysis to find and manage model clashes.

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Enhanced Visualization:

Instantly see and address issues within your model.




Clash Solved!

Comprehensive Management:

Find, merge, and delete clashes with ease.

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solve clash.png
solve multiple clashes.png
Merge Clashes.png
Delete All Clashes.png

Intuitive Interface:

User-friendly design for effortless navigation and operation.

Database Integration:

Store and update clash data for continuous improvement.

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Connected with


Store and update clash data for continuous improvement.

Sign up for a  free trial  and discover how Clash Detection can enhance your Revit model management. Experience seamless clash detection and resolution today.

  • Who is this app for?
    Andiamo® is designed for BIM managersand users, VDC coordinators, and construction professionals seeking to optimize their project management and execution with AI.
  • What happens after signing up?
    After signing up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your free trial and start using Object Quantifier.
  • What system configurations are recommended?
    We recommend a system with at least 16GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card to ensure optimal performance.
  • How does it integrate with other tools?
    Object Quantifier works seamlessly with the 4D Simulation Tool, utilizing the constructive data it inserts.
  • What currency is the pricing in?
    Pricing is in USD
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