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Senior Project BIM Manager

Position Available 
- Los Angeles, CA
- Irvine, CA
- Dubai, UAE
- Abu Dhabi, UAE

Role Description

This role is responsible for overseeing and enforcing the direction of a project’s BIM Process and technologies supporting the process, looking after compliance, stability of the models, QA/QC for standards and project requirements, among others.  Due to the collaborative nature of coordination using BIM tools, this role requires the candidate to have the ability to seek out and resolve issues through close interaction with other project team members but also be able to work independently and proactively.  There are also future opportunities to support additional clients ranging in size and type.

This position will be at a client's site.  Currently there are opportunities in Los Angeles and San Diego.  Also, there are similar opportunities in the UAE for Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


  • Provide direction and leadership around the use of BIM in the project and the strategy and approach to implement at various phases of the project being supported

  • Oversee the implementation of the BIM execution strategy

  • Provide BIM support to the various disciplines involved on the project

  • Ensure model stability and performance through the various phases

  • Assist with the development or maintenance of the BIM Standards

  • Oversee modeling standards compliance with internal and external teams

  • Assist in project setup including the proper implementation of coordinates, linked information, and standards related framework: template and content use, graphic settings, etc

  • Assist in the documentation of project protocols and workflows

  • Assist with management of server and cloud data coordination

  • QA/QC project models at milestones or project close out

  • Assist in the development of Revit content for specific trades

  • Manage standard content libraries

  • Investigate innovative model-based processes and creative workflows to address inefficiencies in current workflows.

  • Identify technology best practices through the project life-cycle that will bring value to projects

  • Troubleshoot issues and identify the best course of action within the constraints of established protocols.  Be proactive and provide actionable steps.  

  • Provide over the shoulder support as needed


  • Must have architectural or Engineering degree

  • Advanced Revit Modeling skills for multi-disciplines

  • Strong Rhino knowledge

  • Strong CAD knowledge

  • Strong knowledge of coordination and collaborative tools such as Navisworks, Glue and BIM 360 suite

  • Multi-discipline coordination experience

  • Multi-platform collaboration and interoperability experience

  • Strong communication skills

  • Strong document management skills

  • Be a go-getter and require limited direction

  • Must have strong work ethic and high degree of credibility

  • Have great positive attitude and passion for technology

  • Must be able to work independently and as part of a team

  • Minimum of 5 years in the AECO space and at least 3 years of those in BIM management role or multi-discipline coordination

Nice to have

  • Visualization tools experience such as 3ds max and Maya

  • Real-time visualization and VR exploration tools such as twinmotion, Enscape, Fuzor, Revisto, etc

  • Automation experience through the Revit API, Dynamo or other platforms

  • Professional registration. IE: AIA, RA, PE, etc

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