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Introducing MIRAR®: Accelerate concept exploration and visualization 

What is Mirar®? 

Introducing MIRAR®—an innovative tool that empowers you to accelerate concept exploration, produce rapid renders, and bring your ideas to life in seconds and within Revit.  Driven by cutting-edge AI, MIRAR expedites concept exploration from images, sketches or Models right within one UI. Discover how MIRAR can elevate your designs to the next level.

Who Is It For?

MIRAR® caters to:

  • Architects: Accelerate concept exploration and create captivating renders.

  • Interior Designers: Craft immersive, imaginative spaces and wow clients.

  • Landscape Architects: Take hand sketches and transform them into full fledge renders in seconds.

  • Visual Artists: Experiment with diverse aesthetic styles for unique creations.

  • Design Students: Enhance learning and project presentations with AI-assisted designs.

  • Creative Professionals: Elevate portfolios with stunning AI-enhanced visuals.

  • Revit Enthusiasts: Seamlessly integrate AI for enhanced design experiences.

No matter your creative pursuit, MIRAR enriches your process and transforms your designs. 

Key Features

Elevate Designs Instantly: Effortlessly Transform Aesthetics

  • Transform designs with a single click 

  • Break free from monotony, impress clients with captivating variations.

  • Define design identity effortlessly with "Custom Saved Presets."

AI Power Within Your Revit Workflow

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  • Streamlined workflow: Access AI capabilities directly within your workspace. 

  • Goodbye to app-switching: Maintain focus on your creative design process.  Render Model or Sketches within one app.

Elevate Designs Instantly

  • Transform designs with a single click  with preset styles

  • Define design identity effortlessly with "Custom Saved Presets."

Image Editing

Precision Enhancement: Crafting Visually Stunning Presentations
  • Elevate your design communication: Deliver presentations that stand out and captivate.

  • Refine and perfect visuals: Utilize advanced image editing tools with precision.

  • Fine-tune every detail: Enhance images for impactful and memorable presentations.

Precision Editing


  • Break free from random results  

  • 'Add, Remove or Replace what you want

  • Edit your results quickly and easily with area selection mode.

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Sketch to Render

  • Save hours of rendering time. Instantly generate high-quality visualizations, enabling you to iterate faster.

  • Seamless Creative Evolution: See your designs evolve in real-time. From initial sketches to intricate renders.


  •  One tool, Many languages  no matter where you are from, write, escribe, 写, اكتب, ecrire to MIRAR

  • No english, No problem. Prompt and combine prompts in most languages


Ready to reshape your design paradigm? Embark on a journey fueled by AI-driven innovation with MIRAR.

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New features are on their way!  Request features via our chat

Sign-up For Beta Access!

Mirar® is currently available for Revit versions 2019 and above.  

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