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Operations and Maintenance 

Common OM/FM Initiatives

Below is a sample list of target goals and initiatives compiled from our extensive interactions and experience with various groups and sectors around improving their building operations and facilities and asset management.

These are all interconnected as increasing efficiency and reducing risks impacts costs.  The list is not inclusive and is meant to outline common goals.


Reduce Costs

  • FM Labor utilization costs

  • Utility costs  (Energy, Water)

  • Costs covered by warranty

  • Expand life of assets

  • Efforts in tracing systems

  • Transition to Operations effort

  • Overall, reduce annual operational costs


Reduce Risks

  • Risks of inadvertent or unnecessary shutdowns

  • Increase operational availability through reduced downtime

  • Reduce interruptions in operations due to building maintenance caused by building surveys, inspections, troubleshooting.

  • Reduce unplanned downtime due to equipment reliability 

  • Streamline regulations compliance


Increase Efficiency

  • Streamline relevant facility information retrieval for field and office personnel anytime, anywhere

  • Improve data accuracy and outdated data 

  • Reduce drafting requirements

  • Improve inventory management

  • Improve space management

  • Reduce or eliminate tribal knowledge

  • Accelerate knowledge transfer

  • Identify optimum ways to effect maintenance and repairs


Improve Decision Making

  • Access accurate information anytime, anywhere

  • Improve information shared between platforms

  • Connect and visualize data more intuitively – Streamline operations and maintenance control and direction

  • Consolidate information from various systems and platforms

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