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Would you like to generate lots of images options in seconds? 

Experience the next level of design precision and creativity.

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Transform your designs with immersive visualizations using:


Visualize and design with precision in and outside Autodesk® Revit®, bringing your ideas to life.

 What is Mirar®? 

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Accelerated Concept Exploration

Quickly transition from sketches to immersive images, enabling faster decision-making


Tailored for Professionals

Effortlessly transform concepts and assess spatial dynamics with powerful visualization tools


Precision Interior Creation

Experiment with design elements and refine your vision to achieve perfection.


Enhanced Visualization

Create images using Stable Diffusion and ControlNet to maintain consistency in patterns, lines, and forms

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Unlock new levels of creativity and efficiency in your design process with MIRAR®. Enhance your presentations, streamline approvals, and exceed client expectations.

 Before & After 

Jhania Perez

Totally recommend giving it a try if you're into design!

MIRAR is awesome for anyone using Revit. It makes designing so much faster and easier. You can go from sketches to cool renders in no time. It's perfect for architects and interior designers.

What is said about Mirar®? 


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Sign up for a  free trial  and discover how MIRAR® can transform your projects.

  • Who is this app for?
    Andiamo® is designed for BIM managersand users, VDC coordinators, and construction professionals seeking to optimize their project management and execution with AI.
  • What happens after signing up?
    After signing up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your free trial and start using Object Quantifier.
  • What system configurations are recommended?
    We recommend a system with at least 16GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card to ensure optimal performance.
  • How does it integrate with other tools?
    Object Quantifier works seamlessly with the 4D Simulation Tool, utilizing the constructive data it inserts.
  • What currency is the pricing in?
    Pricing is in USD
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