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End to End Building Project Life-cycle Advisory Services

We are a team of like-minded thinkers and strategists from the building industry with a passion for solving problems through technology and innovation.

Our architects, engineers and software developers from all corners of the globe have one thing in common:  They love to be challenged and figure out a better way and help you leap forward!

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Facilities Maintenance &

 Asset Management

Develop strategies to streamline access to accurate data, anytime, anywhere in the office or in the field to capitalize on immediate cost and time savings in the management of facilities and assets.

We have proven processes and methodologies that guarantee significant cost savings and cost avoidance in annual maintenance and operating costs. Also, we leverage mature and emerging technologies in devising strategies that can future proof your investment.

Software & Application Development Automation and Process Intelligence

Avant Leap can assess Automation opportunities in your current processes and workflows with high impact ROIs. Or we can plan and execute a custom solution strategy that expands the 'out of the box' capabilities, data exchange integration and platform compatibility of your current software. We can evaluate lower cost approaches through visual programming or API based development or more robust solutions through common programming languages and platforms. Additionally, based on your business goals, we can evaluate the feasibility of implementing Artificial Intelligence subsets.

Touchscreen Computer

Architecture and Engineering

Leading and Supporting architectural and engineering firms’ digital transformation journey to help adapt and evolve their project delivery process and achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.


With years of combined experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level and increase efficiency and productivity with tangible ROI. We combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help enhance and improve how our clients  execute and manage the way they produce their deliverables.


Avant Leap devises strategies to reduce construction overruns, conflicts and schedule issues through the implementation of innovative solutions and processes that positively impact time, costs and safety.


What challenges are you facing?

Please send us a bit of information about any challenge(s) or needs you may be experiencing based on project requirements, staffing needs or company initiatives.

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