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Streamlining Project Setups with

Revit Standards

Case Studies
LOCATION:                                     Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo.
CLIENT:                                           WHY Architects
BUDGET:                                         Confidential
WHY Architects, an acclaimed design studio known for creating spaces for art galleries, museums, and foundations, required a unified approach to streamline their project setup process across various international offices. Avant Leap provided a comprehensive consulting solution, leveraging Autodesk technology to enhance efficiency and standardization, which resulted in a significant reduction in project setup times and improved consistency across projects.
WHY Architects' diverse scope of work and international presence posed unique challenges in maintaining consistency and efficiency in project setups. The main challenge was the lack of a standardized process for project initiation, which led to increased setup times and inconsistencies across projects.
Avant Leap addressed these challenges by restructuring WHY Architects' internal standards and workflows. The solution included transitioning from Autocad to Revit Standards, ensuring uniform application across other software platforms like Rhinoceros and Autocad. This transformation involved developing a comprehensive set of standard documentation and guidelines, creating Revit templates and family containers to streamline workflows and ensure consistency.
The implementation of the “WHY_Standards” template significantly improved the project setup process, reducing the time required to initiate new projects by 50%. This was achieved by incorporating most necessary elements directly into the templates, minimizing the need for manual searches and setup, and dramatically reducing the potential for human error in model setup and object style development.
The collaboration between WHY Architects and Avant Leap led to a transformation in the studio's approach to project setup, significantly enhancing efficiency and consistency across its international offices. This case study demonstrates Avant Leap's capability to provide tailored consulting services and technology solutions that meet the unique needs of its clients, ensuring their operational success and setting new standards for project management efficiency.
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